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Marienplatz, we meet again!

From Munich’s airport we took the train into the center of the city, where the main train station is a few steps from our hotel on Bayer street, a few blocks from Marienplatz. Seeing Munich in the Summer was whimsical, and walking Marienplatz through the breeze and warmth of summer was unreal, breathless… like I always dream of Europe.

Getting to Munich in the summer was bright and sublime at the same time, then experiencing Marienplatz as the electrical staircase brought us up into the light from the underground train station was even more unreal.

What was once the market place during the Middle Ages marks now the heart of the city amongst a mix of traditional, modern, and eclectic stores.

“Hello Marienplatz”, we meet again, but this time surrounded by the smell of summer, a perfect blue sky where whimsical white clouds march in preparation for the 5 o’clock dance of the Glockenspiel’s royal wedding that has been happening since 1907, a 15 minute show which hugs everyone’s skyward attention. Marienplatz ( or St. Mary’s Square) was the name given to the square as a way to ask Virgin Mary to protect the town from a cholera epidemic; A plague that ended by 1517 and was  then commemorated with the Schäfferltanz or Cooper’s dance by the carillon of this majestic clock.

The warmth and freshness of the sun reflecting over the different instruments from the hands of street musicians, made our walk more welcoming after having the usual Bavarian meal at Augustiner Bräu: 6 pretzels, 2 beers, 3 sausage links with potato salad, and a warm salty potato soup, just as comforting as I remember from the Winter, only this time we walked between the melodies of various musicians as we enjoyed an ice-cream cone.

“And those who where seen dancing where thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” -Nietzsche.

Without much sleep from the 10-hour flight and prior graduate work before leaving the apartment at 1 am to the airport, did not stop me from feeling refreshed as we walked historical Bavaria. Our day culminated with a delicious playdough spaghetti and meat balls made by Gaia, while we overlooked the flower pots of the balcony in front of our hotel room.

Gaia cooking supper for us

Tomorrow we are taking the train crossing Austria, heading to North Italy, Fortezza, where a short local train ride will leave us walking distance from our home away from home. Let’s not forget the tired habibi (baby) being super chilled as usual. 

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