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I come from the land of magical realism, Colombia, where I was born and raised. After graduating college I chased an American dream for 10 years, then my husband and I decided to explore the world and fill our lives of adventures, memories, instead of things. We are now international teachers, who chase dreams across cultures, and raise what is now called Third Culture Kids. We have two adorable girls. One who thinks she is from Vietnam and another one who was born in the land of camels. This blog is a collection of memoirs for my daughters, and a space to share what parenting looks like from a nomadic and holistic perspective.

Gaia in her Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress)
Gaia in her Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress)

 What else… I am passionate, extremely perceptive. I love the smell of rain, rainbows, the taste of spices and aromatic herbs, the texture of fruit, the idea of mythical creatures like unicorns and fairies. I like putting my hand inside a barrel full of grains and feeling the cold geometric shapes wrapping my hand. I enjoy watching people and imagining what their lives are like. I believe we come from mother Earth and will go back to her to continue the life cycle. I am a lover, dreamer, a crystal worshiper. I believe in the balance of the universe. I am mesmerized by the fact that we are made of stars and light, and that we are all connected as patterns in this mystical universe. 

As part of my holistic practice in motherhood, I follow and continue to study Yoga, Ayurveda, and Reiki. Yoga found me in 2009 when I wasn’t really ready to experience the practice. I finally started appreciating the asanas as I practiced daily in a Coop in Austin, Texas. I was finally able to deepen my practice in Hanoi at Zenith Yoga during my 200-Hour Teacher Training with amazing teachers: Marzena Kierepka, Willy Cohen, and world recognized teacher of teachers Hart Lazer. It was a path where I had to forget what I had learned, and relearn all over again, following an Iyengar style, understanding Anatomy and how all bodies are different, and above all, making sure practice is safe. I found Ayurveda in 2010, as I searched for a self-healing holistic approach. I have studied with Ivy Ingram, student of Dr. Lad, founder of The Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. Cooking following Ayurvedic principles has helped me, and my family self-heal, and maintain health during the changing seasons. In 2015 I met my Reiki Guide and completed my 3 levels in order to become a Reiki Master.  I use this energetic method to heal myself, and others, by using the Ki (energy), and as a channel to release stress, relax the body and promote healing from within. I guide this Japanese practice through the chakras and the use of crystals and sound frequencies. 

I love sharing my practice and I am available for:

  • Group Workshops: Ayurveda, Raw Cooking, Food Health Benefits, Meditation, and Yoga
  • Ayurveda Guidance 1-1: This consultations can be done through Skype*
  • Yoga Private and/or group classes: Beginner yoga, prenatal yoga, and children’s yoga
  • Reiki Sessions: In person or by distance

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