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I practice Hatha/Iyengar style yoga. Always considering the different anatomy of myself and my students. Like in life, we all have different strengths and different challenges.  From my teachers, I have learned that my priority as an instructor is to keep my students’ practice safe, considering the different bodies, and purpose of the class.

Hatha can be translated in two ways, willful or forceful; or in more metaphysical terms Sun- Ha and Moon-Tha. It is about bringing balance within mind, body and spirit as we create union.

I like to focus the practice into a “Yoga Foundation” approach in which I model and teach my students to decompose each pose (part-part-whole), so as to better understand each piece that composes the asana. I consider it imperative to start with standing poses, as this focuses on the foundation of the body and creates awareness of our daily posture. Continuing with forward bends, twists, backbends,  inversions, and arm balance. I believe it is imperative to have awareness in the basic principles that guide our foundations for all asanas. These are: strong legs, creating traction and extension in the back, and opening the heart. As I write about each asana I will explain each principle with more detail, which at the end we see how the essential principles for all asanas connect.