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Why blog now?

Why do something when 152 million people (according to google) are doing it? Whether its food, photos, adventures, experiences, debates, why would I start doing this if only a few friends and relatives would read every now and then? Here is a good statistics page from wordpress. It is obvious that the success that comes from doing something is mainly by developing a novelty. Some think being at the right place, at the perfect time. I’d like to think about it more in terms of creativity and dedication, mixed with a set of faith and believes that can power those spiritual skills.

I paid my domain and member subscription with godaddy in the summer of 2014 when I knew we were off to start a nomadic life, with an intense and fun toddler. I thought it would be awesome and exciting to blog about our experiences. Then life, work, travel, and yes PARENTING were added to my to-do list, parenting becoming a priority… and how do people actually do this?!!!

I kept memories in my computer wishing one day I could get back and sit with a warm cup of tea, looking at the ocean, inspired to write my experiences, and have millions read them. More than two years later came and I am at home now, with many stories to tell about Asia, about parenting within diverse cultures, about fears, accomplishments, and awaiting for this next chapter in another continent, surrounded by a much different culture than the Asian one. I have my computer, a camera, a cozy baby, and a warm cup of tea. Here in the Persian Gulf I have a beautiful blue ocean… but not the view.

This is my office, the real way I blog
This is my office, the real way I blog. My actual view.

After changing my mind over and over again about themes, manipulated by my OCD personality, I finally made a decision. This fifth one I tried puts together the different approaches I have into my writing, my experiences: memoirs, recipes and photos.

So YES, the answer is yes! I will blog now even though 50% of the 152 million people that blog are probably writing and making money off of their advertisements, while I am reassuring myself of this cyber trend. I am making this decision to put time, effort, creativity, and thought into my blog, because I learned that we should do things for ourselves, not for others. Actually I took this advice from a documentary about a 13- yearly old Dutch girl who travels the world in her sailing boat. The documentary is called “Maidentrip”. In her last interview she said she never did it for a following, nor to be famous, or to have a documentary about this trip. She proudly, and with confidence reiterated that she did this [only] for herself. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do it.

With this tip in mind, I will blog for myself, making time to collect my memories of this amazing nomadic and holistic life, that both my husband and I have chosen. I feel that having this printed on the cyber web makes it more “tangent” (if you will), by being able to pull up my archives from a computer anywhere in the world; And one day I will be able to show my daughters what I have done, what we have collected, and how I have put it in writing for them to look back and not forget to remember the amazing life we have.

This blog or repertoire of adventures is available for those who want to know more about our travels, our days, our challenges, and our achievements.  I am content with the fact that with this personal daily task I become more aware of my moments, my way of writing. I wake up and write, which I absolutely love.  During the following two years at home with Eelan this is my space, a place where I capture our lives into a cyber book. 

I admire the creativity of many people, the dedication and perseverance. I guide myself through what those people do, and I try not to copy but to create something different, something extraordinary [in my eyes], that could one day be appreciated not just by my family and friends, but by others who can connect to what I feel, see, experience. Because it all starts there, in the connection we humans have with others.

Thus, with this blog I aim to write:

  • Traveling experiences with [and for] children, what I call “Third Culture Mothering”
  • Collect cultural moments that give me diverse insights “Nomadic Parenthood”
  • Record healing recipes for the soul “Spiritual Nourishment”

I would like to clarify that the recipes are selectively taken from other recipes I choose and modified based on my eating habits as a holistic practitioner. I think about it as a quilt. I search for the same recipe in different sources and then take what I feel best suits my kitchen, adding or modifying my own ingredients, as I give a healing twist based on what I’ve studied. I cook more for healing, rather than pleasure. And sometimes I create my own recipes.

Holistic writings (Ayurveda, Yoga) are guided by my many online resources, and books. So pretty much I do the homework for you.

Photographs are taken by me, and when I do not have the image I am thinking of, I use pixabay which is a fantastic image bank, that allows images to be used for free, under their guidelines. 

I hope you enjoy reading, wishing that any of these posts can connect to your life, your experiences, by bringing light into your travels, parenting, and cooking. 

Namaste,  Maia


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