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Late Summer

This seasons is short, nonetheless it is a time of great changes, the transition to Autumn. This period of time has some aspects of all seasons and often the weather can be very changeable. During this transitional period it’s important to stay grounded and centered. Because at this time our Mother Earth is most fertile, the element related to this part of the seasons is Earth.  It is the support in which we stand. While the Earth revolves around its axis to make a day, we see the connection in the cycles of nature.

Element: Earth

The center is the direction associated with this element, as it is all around us surrounding us. This concept of direction also relates to transition (in Chinese Doyo), as seasonal change. The climate for this element is humidity and the emotion is sympathy. The  Earth element gives us the power of manifestation. From the action of Fire comes the product of Earth. The more tangible matter. Hence, the Earth element gives us the ability to create thoughts, views, and opinions. The smell is fragrant. This element relates to the intake of nourishment, thus the sense organ is the mouth, and the sense of course is taste. The flavor of this element is sweetness, for it stimulates the spleen and pancreas. We can use our lips to be an indicator of how the Earth element is present in our body. Our soft tissue and muscles are also ruled by this element. The Earth also relates to all cycles in nature and within us. In women, the menstrual cycle, thus, ruling fertility.

Organs: Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas

These three organs are essential for the digestion process Together these work in harmony to provide our bodies with he nourishment we get from food and mother nature as a whole. The functioning of these organs reflect the influences of diet, mental, and emotional activity within us. It is imperative to be aware that the digestive system is tuned by the nervous system, hence, any stress affects its function. The nerves govern the secretion of acids and enzymes, and the movement of the digestive organs. This in essence means that the nervous system controls assimilation of nutrients.

The stomach is the receiver of nourishment, absorbing the energy of food, assimilating it, and passing it to the spleen and pancreas to distribute.  The spleen distributes the energy from foods through our bodies.  This organ governs our will,  memory, and ability to form opinions. Spleen troubles may cause forgetfulness and worries. This organ stores blood and destroys old blood cells. In adults it stores blood reserves, and in the fetus it is responsible for blood formation. It produces plasma cells, which make antibodies.  The pancreas secretes hormones into the blood, regulating the body’s use of glucose. Another function is the secretion of pancreatic enzymes directly into the small intestine assisting in the digestion of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


The essence of staying healthy during this seasons is centering, or grounding. We are essentially the midpoint between Heaven and Earth, between spirit and matter.   Centering is the balancing our polarities  within the yin and yang qualities.

There are three lines that cross to make our center, our ground point, it is imperative to keep the crossing between all points in balance. A horizontal line crosses left and right sides of the brain, a vertical line crosses the mind (thinking) and body (senses), the last line runs from inside and outside, i.e.  through the outer world, and our inner world. At the center we are, we become. At the center where these lines cross we integrate all our worlds, the point at which these three lines of experience cross: our core.

Grounding Routine

At night take a couple of drops of lavender oil and with your index finger massage behind your ears, then on your third eye. Drinking chamomile tea aids in relaxing the mind and senses. You can also keep a brief journal where you write a part of your day that was challenging or rewarding, and establish a moment for reflection.  Meditation is a vital practice during this season. 

A good exercise program is important to help detoxify the body in preparation for Autumn. Stretching and keeping muscles firm is important. In yoga, the Surya Namaskar [sun salutation sequence] is a great option for its many benefits.

This is a time of building and preparing for Autumn. This type of diet consists of a greater proportion of protein rich foods, a little more fat, and heating from whole grains. Eating more nuts and beans is a great option for vegetarians, as well as nut milks. Almond milk is a delicate option and tahini is always a good choice to cook with. It is also imperative to do a juice cleanse a week before Autumn, in order to clean the toxins from these richer foods.


“Staying Healthy with the Seasons” by Dr. Elson M. Haas. M.D. 21st Century Edition.

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